The History of Sportfishing

The History of Sportfishing

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We take great pride in this legendary group of Industry professionals, who are true sportsmen and great people! We truly appreciate their enthusiasm and support for The History of Sportfishing Series, and this is what they have to say about our project….

"Southern California has a rich and unique history, from the founding of Avalon Tuna Club in 1898 to the innovation of kite fishing , and the vast long-range tuna fleet. Nobody captures that history and spirit better than Michael Fowlkes. He will bring all of it to life in this new series, with images and footage spanning over a hundred years and interviews with the real pioneers. Whether you are an angler or a history buff you will love every minute of this passionate project."

Dave Pfeiffer President, Shimano America

"Long before my father, Milt Shedd, brought sportfishing to Cabo San Lucas in 1952, rich sportfishing traditions were emerging from Catalina Island, which influenced fishing all over the world. The story of sportfishing is a fascinating and important one that needs to be fully told. I am thrilled that Michael is looking to tell our story in his unique visually exciting style."

Bill Shedd Chairman/CEO ,
 American Fishing Tackle Company (AFTCO)

“Michael is certainly the man to tell the amazing story of sportfishing history. One of his early works, Tribute to Tuna, is a classic in the fishing world. He’s amassed an extensive collection of footage from the early days of fishing, and if you add that to the decades of Inside Sportfishing footage he’s shot, you are looking at a rare collection that needs to be preserved for future generations.”

Pete Gray President,
 Let’s Talk Hook-up

"Michael Fowlkes has been a staple in our industry since my childhood, and I’m thrilled that he’s capturing the History of Sportfishing with his unique style as a filmmaker. There is no one more qualified to tell this great story.”

Bill DePriest Publisher/Editor Pacific Coast Sportfishing Magazine

"The history of sportfishing has never been documented like this. I am so pleased that Michael Fowlkes is willing to do it. No one is better qualified to do this job than Michael. His passion for fishing and storytelling abilities are simply unmatched. All of us here at Fred Hall are honored in contributing to help make it a reality.”

Mike Lum General Manager/ Fred Hall Shows, Inc.

"Sportfishing in Southern California has been a passion and a way of life for millions of anglers for over 12 decades. This wonderful sport has provided immeasurable joy and memorable experiences to those lucky enough to spend time perusing it, as well as leading to many thousands of fulfilling life long careers. There is no one more qualified to accurately and artistically tell this story than Southern California’s own Michael Fowlkes. This film series will be enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of viewers for generations to come."

Doug Kern Co-Owner Fisherman’s Landing & Fisherman’s Landing Tackle